Send anyone a giant cupcake on Twitter! * U.S. accounts only
* U.S. accounts only

You sign up with Twitter
We tweet out your order
We tweet them a link
They get a giant cupcake topped with house-made marshmallow!
They get cake in the mail!
They get cake in the mail!
You've got questions
  • Is this for real?
    Totally! We may not have flying cars, but we can definitely send someone you admire, follow or just want to say hello to on Twitter cake.
  • How do they get the cake if I don't know their address?
    The link we tweet out is specific to your order and gets verified with their Twitter login. Once verified, they have the opportunity to add their mailing address or decline.
  • What if they never accept?
    If your gift isn't accepted, no harm, no foul. We will retweet a couple of times - you aren't charged until it is accepted.
  • When do I get charged?
    Your card is not charged until the cake is accepted by the person you are sending to.
  • What kind of cake?
    Your choice of vanilla or rich single origin chocolate cake that gets topped with our signature marshmallow and topped with either white or dark chocolate.
  • What about vegans?
    We want to celebrate everyone! We offer a ridiculous vegan chocolate cake, topped with a vegan marshmallow we developed in our kitchen without any weird ingredients and dip it in vegan dark chocolate.
  • How much does it cost?
    Each cake is $19.00 and includes two-day shipping to most places in the U.S.
  • Do you send birthday cakes?
    Birthdays are our specialty! Set the birthday option when you order and we will add a candle and birthday swag to the box!